I sometimes go to dog shows!!

There is a lot of time spent sitting around waiting so I began having fun taking ringside photos, casual photos, even more formal photos (on request), some of which are used on the various websites I create under the
Kelbryn Dezign name.

Then, travelling to and from the shows, I became more aware of the beautiful scenery and, of course, I live in a truly lovely part of New Zealand with its own lovely vistas.....

I will never be a professional photographer but it is a challenge trying to get the perfect photo and now and then I manage to take one I especially like
(which will feature in the Favourites album).
If you are interested in obtaining a copy of any of my photos, please contact me.

Disclaimer: Kel-Dez Photography is an amateur enterprise.   All photos displayed here or on any other public forum, whether under the
Kel-Dez or Kelbryn names have been taken because I am having fun trying to improve my camera skillsIn no way do I claim to being a professional photographer.
Currently, most photos are uploaded to my personal FaceBook photo albums for public viewing.
A special FB Page may come when time permits.

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I hope you enjoy flicking through my Photo Albums.